Puncture Repairs £10

This is the procedure which we follow when carrying out major repairs

Step 1

Remove the tyre from the wheel and have a tyre expert thoroughly inspect it both internally and externally. If any serious tyre damage is present, then the repair should not continue

Step 2

Locate and mark the damage, taking out any foreign object still puncturing the tyre

Step 3

Prepare the puncture channel from the tyre inside of the tyre using a 6mm carbide mill cutter

Step 4

Repeat the process, now from the outside of the tyre inwards, ensuring once finished the channel feels resistance free on the mill cutter

Step 5

Thoroughly clean an area 10mm to 20mm larger than the repair patch using a specific pre-buff cleaner and repair scraper. Make sure to remove all residues such mould releasing agents

Step 6

Buff the inner liner to roughly 5mm beyond the marked area using an appropriate domed buffing rasp. Make sure that any raised ribs are left flat after buffing, leaving suede finish

Step 7

Apply a specialist vulcanising accelerator solution to the puncture channel and buffed area

Step 8

Insert the combination tyre repair patch and plug into the puncture channel

Step 9

Pull the combination tyre repair patch and plug outwards until the entire patch is flush with the inside of the tyre

Step 10

Seal the combination tyre repair patch and plug base and buffed area still exposed with an inner liner sealant

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